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4 Ways Your Water Can Become Contaminated

Water contamination is something that you may encounter every day in your home. Water contamination is anything in your water that is harmful to your body. Contaminants can range from salt to oil to human waste in the water. If you are worried that your water is contaminated, let P&D Mechanical help solve your plumbing issues. Contaminants can enter your water supply through various ways, such as leaky pipes, changes in water pressure, non-point contamination, and backflow. Here are the four ways contaminants can enter your water supply:

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Common Problems Found During Backflow Testing

Many of the plumbing systems in residential and commercial properties around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area are fitted with a backflow preventer valve. This device prevents contaminated water in sewers or septic tanks from flowing back up the pipes and mixing with clean water. Plumbing technicians like P&D Mechanical install backflow preventer valves in areas where clean and dirty water are likely to cross paths. If you own a large boiler, a fire extinguishing system, or an irrigation system, your plumbing system likely contains a valve.

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What Is Backflow Testing?

If you are like most people, when you turn on the faucets in your home, you expect the water that flows through to be clean and free from bacteria. Although you may not drink it, the water should be free of contaminants so that you and your family can use it without the threat of getting a disease. Unfortunately, backflow can contaminate your supply of water, increasing your chances of getting sick.

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