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How A Backflow Test Could Save You Money in Plumbing Repairs

Many of the plumbing systems in residential and commercial properties around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area are fitted with a backflow preventer valve. This device prevents contaminated water in sewers or septic tanks from flowing back up the pipes and mixing with clean water. Plumbing technicians like those at P&D Mechanical install backflow preventer valves in areas where clean and dirty water are likely to cross paths. If you own a large boiler, a fire extinguishing system, or an irrigation system, your plumbing system likely contains a valve.

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Holiday Plumbing Preparation Tips for Your Home

If you are anticipating a lot of activity in your home over the holiday, you’ll want to make sure that all the systems in your home are working properly to avoid any problems. You should start by inspecting, repairing, or upgrading your plumbing system. P & D Mechanical can help you by providing complete plumbing work. Below are some of our recommendations for securing your plumbing system throughout the winter season.

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Critical Inspection Areas When Buying a Commercial Building

Choosing to purchase a commercial building is a big step for your business. It’s a significant investment. One that should be completed with minimal problems, both now and in the future.

Getting an inspection is one way you can ensure that you are purchasing a business that is structurally sound. To be safe, make sure your inspector inspects these three critical aspects of your building.

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Winter: The Worst Time for a Water Heater Failure

With today's technologies, water heaters rarely fail. Older water heaters fail, and do so at the worst possible time. It might be during a power outage and an electric water heater stops working while every other heat source also stops, or while gas line maintenance is going on down the street if you have a gas fueled water heater. On thing you can expect and rely on is the water heater will fail when you most want a hot shower. Fortunately, there are solutions to such problems so you don't have to take a cold shower if you don't want one.

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Preparing Your Heater for Winter

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to be eco-friendly by putting off turning on your winter heat until you need it for the winter cold, and then it doesn't turn on. You're doing right to not use it until you need it, but you need to make sure it still works since last year before you need it again this year. Dust and moisture collect, the motor has parts which need lubrication, and your vents collect dust when not in use.

You need to prepare for this year's winter. When winter comes this year, it may be colder than you expect or perhaps have experienced in the past, and you need to be prepared for it.

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Preparing for Winter: Heat Pump Inspections and Maintenance

Winter is coming, and there are ways you can prepare. Annual inspections of your heat pump and overall HVAC system should be first on your to-do list. Even if your system seems to be working okay, there are certain maintenance routines that are required to assure it doesn’t fail to serve you at the most unfortunate time. At your home or office, a routine inspection will save you the inconvenience of having to stop everything you’re trying to do while waiting for an HVAC technician to come repair your system.

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