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What to Avoid when Remodeling Your Kitchen

Perhaps your kitchen it a little old-fashioned. Perhaps it’s claustrophobically small, and your family constantly trips over one another. Or, perhaps you’ve just bought a new home, and it’s perfect except for that absolutely atrocious seafoam finish on the fridge. Regardless, you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Great! P&D Mechanical can help with the plumbing work and water piping arrangements to make the transition to a new kitchen as seamless as can be.

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Everything You Need to Know About Radiant Floor Heating

A radiant floor heating system generates large amounts of heat that transfer through the flooring of a home. Radiant floor heating gives you the feel of being in a warm room. It is similar to leaving an oven door open and feeling the heat radiating from the oven without being in direct contact. Radiant floor heating systems are popular with homeowners because they offer distinct advantages over other heating systems.

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Preparing Your Heater for Winter

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to be eco-friendly by putting off turning on your winter heat until you need it for the winter cold, and then it doesn't turn on. You're doing right to not use it until you need it, but you need to make sure it still works since last year before you need it again this year. Dust and moisture collect, the motor has parts which need lubrication, and your vents collect dust when not in use.

You need to prepare for this year's winter. When winter comes this year, it may be colder than you expect or perhaps have experienced in the past, and you need to be prepared for it.

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Heating and Cooling: Replacement Systems and Options

Heating and cooling systems have so many options made available through modern technology it can be confusing for the typical homeowner. There are inexpensive systems, more efficient systems, eco-friendly designs, or solutions recognized as being the most comfortable on a daily basis. The bottom line is what works best for your home is what is right for you and your family. You can trust your contractor wants you to be happy with his work, and will provide advice as to what his experience has shown to be most suitable for others in situations similar to yours with the priorities you emphasize as important toward how your house runs and operates.

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3 Reasons You Should Consider Radiant Floor Heating

As a homeowner, you are always looking for the best way to make your home more efficient. From installing a tankless water heater to purchasing Energy Start appliances, you are on your way to having an energy-efficient home that saves you money in the long run. In fact, to keep the torch burning, you should consider installing radiant floor heating. Radiant floor heating warms your floor by a heating source, allowing your home to warm in the process.

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Reasons for a Bathroom Remodel

Everyone understands the need for repair when an aspect of their bathroom is not functioning properly, or a desire for replacements as key features become outdated. Most people also understand it may be a good time to remodel as repairs and replacements are going on. However, these aren’t the only reasons to conduct a complete bathroom remodel job. Perhaps you liked the house when you bought it but never really cared for the bathroom. On the other hand, you may have considered the bathroom to be acceptable but always wanted to upgrade it.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Kitchen Remodel

It’s estimated that you get a return of 75 to 80 cents on the dollar when you remodel your kitchen. With such a high return, there is no wonder why many homeowners opt to remodel their kitchen every few years. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, the staff at P & D Mechanical can help you with your remodel and help you avoid the following common kitchen remodel mistakes.

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3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal does a lot of the heavy lifting throughout the day in your kitchen. If you are like most people, you toss a variety of foods down your garbage disposal without thinking about what happens when the food is out of sight. Unfortunately, certain foods can affect how effective your garbage disposal. However, there are things you can do to extend the life of your garbage disposal.

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Top Reasons Why Maintenance Pays Off

Most people don't move into their Maple Grove, Minnesota homes and think about the maintenance they will need to do. However, much like regular oil changes and tune-ups for your vehicle, your home needs to be maintained in order to provide a relaxing and beautiful living space for you and your family. 


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Faucet Repair: When To Call The Professionals

Minneapolis has a strong history of independence with plenty of Do-It-Yourselfers throughout the area. These are often homeowners who possess enough skills that they attempt to handle small household tasks. Whether this means completing jobs as varied as hanging curtains and putting a fresh coat of paint on all the walls, many homeowners feel confident enough to fix a leaky faucet when this common repair crops up. While it can seem like an easy enough task, there are times when it is best to call the professionals out to do the job. 

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