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How Ceiling Fans Can Help You Save On Energy Costs

Electricity costs seem to skyrocket year after year. Many homeowners find that it costs more to cool and heat their home than the previous years. For that reason, many homeowners here in Minneapolis are looking for every way possible to save energy, which will also save money. Some may be wondering whether ceiling fans may be the answer. Fortunately, the answer is easy and it is one you will want to hear: yes!

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How To Prepare Your Water Heater For Winter

Don't catch yourself without hot water this winter. Instead, prepare your unit for cold temperatures with these four tips.

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Practical Advice on Kitchen Remodeling

Plan ahead for your kitchen remodel. There are a lot of modern features that you can include in your new kitchen. Planning for those new features is an important part of creating a kitchen that is designed to meet your needs and wants. One point of consideration is to combine the skills of your contractor with the skills of a qualified plumbing company, such as P&D Mechanical. If you are the DIY self type of home remodeling person, then call P&D Mechanical to help you with all of the plumbing requirements for your new kitchen. There are quite a few advantages in your favor when you use a professional plumber.

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