What Is Chilled Water Piping?

Water piping isn’t just for drinking from—it can do a lot of things! Click here to learn more about this unique system from a plumbing work expert. 

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3 Reasons to Hire P&D Mechanical for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling often involves plumbing work, heating work, toilet repair—the works! Luckily, P&D Mechanical can tackle it all with ease. 

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Three Signs of a Sick Water Heater

This valuable piece of plumbing work and heating work can’t last forever, but you can do a lot to prolong its longevity.

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How to Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Water Piping

Plumbing work and water piping won’t last forever, even with the best maintenance around—and neglecting to replace it can be disastrous.  

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Four Tips for Holiday Plumbing Harmony

The holidays are a joyous time for many of us. Family, gifts, and good spirits abound, even during 2020! However, as happy as this season may be for you, your plumbing work might think differently. All that extra cooking, cleaning, and relatives staying over adds up to a whole lot more usage of and strain on your water piping, drastically increasing the potential for breakages, and you don’t want to deal with water piping woes during this busy time of year!

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Are You At Risk for a Burst Pipe?

A little leakage in your plumbing work is annoying, and it certainly racks up water bills, but a burst pipe is a whole other kettle of fish! This water piping emergency can soak your carpeting, leaving it ruined and in need of replacement, and your furniture looking and feeling like it’s been pulled straight out of Lake Superior.

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What Qualifies as a Plumbing Work Emergency?

It’s important to differentiate between a small irritation and a huge catastrophe in a variety of circumstances. For example, at work, you’d probably like to know if your misstep can be fixed with no repercussions or if it’s sent a ripple effect further down the company chain; it can mean the difference between business as usual and outright getting fired! In addition, plumbing work is no exception. If you notice an issue, you’d probably like to know if you can simply put a bucket under it until your plumbing work professional arrives or if you need to hustle and engage in some serious damage control.

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Three Signs Your Garbage Disposal is Broken

Your garbage disposal plays a more integral role in your kitchen than you may imagine. Sure, you could just scrape the scraps it handles into the garbage can across the room, but what’s to save your plumbing work from the ones that inevitably, at some point, will get missed? Plus, it helps to keep your sink from stinking up a storm, as it grinds up food for safe and relatively smell-free disposal. Talk about a hardworking machine!

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How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Plumbing

If you take care of your plumbing work and water piping, they work like an old pair of favorite boots: reliably, efficiently, and comfortably. Your plumbing will last years if properly maintained, too, just like the aforementioned footwear! However, none of these items hold up to any kind of strain if illy taken care of; leather boots will crack and tear without oiling, and your pipes can shake from your walls and burst open.

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First Aid for a Burst Pipe

As we head towards winter and with colder temperatures on the horizon, this plumbing-work disaster becomes all the more common. Ice builds up inside your water piping, putting increased strain on it and eventually leading to leaks of massive proportions. While ice buildup isn’t the only cause of burst pipes, given the wrath of Minnesotan winters, it certainly is a common one.

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