Three Plumbing Problems That Cause Mold

Well-cared-for plumbing work doesn’t often harbor mold, but when it does, watch out for your water piping—things can get gross! 

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Three Garbage Disposal Leak Causes and Solutions

Unfortunately, because many homeowners think this, they’re all too often shocked by the sudden appearance of a puddle, or worse, mold, beneath the sink, where they thought their water piping was strong. Garbage disposals can and do leak, just like any other piece of plumbing work; they do also handle water, after all.

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Will Insurance Cover Your Water Damage?

You’ve just had your water piping taken care of by the pros at P&D Mechanical. Your plumbing is flawless, but your home, not so much. That burst pipe really did a number on your carpet. You might need replacement, but can your insurance company help foot the bill?

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Boiler Replacement: When Is It Necessary?

It’s got an entire room named after it (the boiler room, of course), so you’d think a boiler is a pretty permanent structure to your home or business facility. Generally speaking, you’d be right! With proper maintenance, a boiler will last you multiple decades.

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How to Stop Rust From Accumulating on Your Water Heater

Water heaters aren’t finicky pieces of plumbing work, but they are vulnerable to rust if they aren't properly tended to.

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8 Emergency Plumbing Solutions to Practice Until Help Arrives

Needing plumbing work isn’t always pretty, but when you’re waiting on water piping help, you need to learn how to take charge.

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Why Spring Is the Best Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Plumbing work can be done year-round, but working with water piping and the like certainly becomes easier come spring—and you’ll save more on appliances, too! 

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Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

Toilet repair: We don’t think about it until something major happens, and if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably at the end of your rope! A constantly clogging toilet is nothing short of exasperating—and potentially gross. Drop P&D Mechanical a line quickly and we’ll get your water piping back on track in no time.

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Can Your Water Pressure Be Too High?

No doubt, it’s important that your water be pressurized. Nothing is better than blasting yourself with showerhead that works like a firehose after a long day at work, and you need your sink to be a smidge higher than a trickle if you want to make any headway on dishes!

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3 Surprising Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down the Toilet

We’ve seen it all during our time as toilet repair professionals at P&D Mechanical, and while we’re perfectly happy to take care of any of your water piping repair needs, we also know that flushing things that shouldn't go down the toilet is a major preventable cause of plumbing work problems.

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