The Dangers of Having Hard Water

If you have hard water, your plumbing work is in peril! Luckily, you can save your water piping with a little help from a pro.

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Three Ways to Avoid Water Heater Service Interruptions

Your water heater is your lifeline this winter season—metaphorically and literally. It’s sure nice to come home from work to a nice warm shower or to have a machine that cleans your dishes with hot water at the push of a button! In a more physical sense, though, it becomes difficult to survive altogether without some form of hot water in the wintertime, especially if an emergency cuts power and your gas water heater is the only source of warmth you have left.

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Three Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Ring in the New Year

New Year, new bathroom? While it might not be on the top of your priority list after finishing a hectic holiday season, perhaps it should be; a plumbing work renovation is a wonderful way to treat your family and start the year anew. You’ll make the space one of comfort and style—and maybe you’ll even improve its efficiency along the way!

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The Basics of Geothermal Heating

In a day and age where saving money and helping the environment are simultaneously important, homeowners everywhere are turning to alternative heating work systems to achieve both—and geothermal heating is a commonly chosen route.

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Not Sure if That Pipe Needs Insulation? Here’s How to Tell

Burst pipes are certainly nothing you want to tangle with. For the uninformed, check out our plumbing work blog “First Aid for a Burst Pipe” to get an idea of what the chaos and home damage can look like! As a preventative measure, many homeowners take to insulating their pipes with commercial products. While this does work, not every pipe needs the extra support—so how can you go about the job smartly?

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Three Sneaky Signs of a Plumbing Leak

We’ve talked a lot on our plumbing work blog about leaks—usually of the dramatic sort. And while those leaks can cause huge problems, as we’ve covered in the installment “First Aid for a Burst Pipe,” they’re always obvious enough that you can immediately begin to fix those problems. Small leaks, though? Not so much. And they can be just as detrimental and spill just as much water when left to fester.

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Are Your Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures Ready for Winter?

Nobody likes to think about the impending ice or snow, but if you’ve got running water access outside of your home, it’s time to do some housekeeping! While those spigots may work swimmingly right now, they won’t be when ice freezes up in them, causing the pipe to split and leaving you with a lovely surprise come spring!

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Three Innovative Heating Solutions you Should Install Before Winter Starts

With winter well on its way in the Midwest United States, it’s time to start thinking about keeping your house warm! Heating work isn’t just a comfort in Minnesota’s frigid cold seasons; it’s a means of survival. And it’s best to ensure your family is safe before the first snow rolls in and you’re left out in the cold—literally and metaphorically speaking.

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Three Common Shower Problems and Solutions

If you’re like many people, the thought of a nice hot shower at the end of a long day is what gets you through some laggy workday afternoons. But when your shower can’t perform reliably, or otherwise to a high standard, well—few things are more aggravating!

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Three Indications of Poor Drain Health

Plumbing work doesn’t always behave as expected, and when your drains are acting funky, it’s definitely time to be concerned!

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