Why Your Water Heater is Making Popping Noises

Is your water heater making popping noises? The experts at P&D Mechanical can fix it. We provide comprehensive plumbing work in the Twin Cities metro area.

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Is Your Garbage Disposal Jammed? We Can Help!

Keep your garbage disposal functioning with P&D Mechanical. We offer plumbing work and garbage disposal repair in the Twin Cities metro area.

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Comparing 5 Types of Piping. Which is Best for You?

Are you wondering which piping is best for your new home or remodel in the Twin Cities area? P&D Mechanical can help.

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4 Ways Your Water Can Become Contaminated

Are you worried about water contamination in your home or business? P&D Mechanical help you with all your plumbing needs.

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Is Your Plumbing Adequate For Your Employees?

Keep your employees happy by ensuring your plumbing is adequate. P&D Mechanical provide full plumbing work throughout Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

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Four Ways To Tell If Your Plumbing Is Outdated

Is your outdated plumbing system draining your efficiency? P&D Mechanical provides full plumbing and heating work for Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

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Is Your Garbage Disposal Acting Up? Here’s Why

Are you experiencing problems with your garbage disposal? Contact P & D Mechanical in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. We offer plumbing and heating work.

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7 Ways Your Toilet Could be Leaking

Detecting the source of a leaky toilet can be somewhat of a challenge. You may attempt to solve the problem only to discover that there is still a leak. P & D Mechanical can help you identify where the leak is and provide a long-term solution for sealing it. Below are seven possible causes of toilet leaks and where they are located. If any of these are happening to you right now, then call right away. We can help.

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Now is the Time for a Boiler Replacement from P&D Mechanical

Have you noticed that your boiler is not working as well as it should? P&D Mechanical can replace your boiler with a brand new energy-efficient boiler. You will love all the features and benefits that new models have to offer including the money you’ll save annually. We can inspect your current system and have a new boiler ready to go in 2018. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Common Problems Found During Backflow Testing

Many of the plumbing systems in residential and commercial properties around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area are fitted with a backflow preventer valve. This device prevents contaminated water in sewers or septic tanks from flowing back up the pipes and mixing with clean water. Plumbing technicians like P&D Mechanical install backflow preventer valves in areas where clean and dirty water are likely to cross paths. If you own a large boiler, a fire extinguishing system, or an irrigation system, your plumbing system likely contains a valve.

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